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The Parent Coach Plan and Foster Parent Training: A Perfect Complement

By Chris Theisen

The decision to take in a foster child is not one that should be taken lightly. Becoming a foster parent involves a high degree of patience, determination, commitment, and compassion. It also takes a great deal of training.

Foster parent training encompasses a variety of topics such as communication, styles of discipline, dealing with cultural issues, learning about the child welfare system, recognizing and addressing various mental and/or behavioral disorders, first aid, and much more. Without the proper foster parenting training, parents would essentially be "thrown to the wolves."

Many agencies require foster parent training and offer their own classes and/or trainings that must be attended by potential foster parents. This required training is usually quite thorough and covers most of the important topics that foster parents need to know about. Trainees can typically pick and choose between the classes and trainings that are relevant to their particular situation.

The Parent Coach Plan is an in-home child discipline plan that offers parents and foster parents a simple and effective behavior management program. It may not take the place of foster parent training but it is the perfect complement to such training. Combine The Parent Coach Plan with a proven foster parent training program and the chances of success are certain to increase.

The Parent Coach Plan has been used successfully by a multiple social services agencies to help train potential foster parents in their counties. Potential candidates (foster parents) are given a copy of The Parent Coach Plan to use with the foster children that they take in.

Whether you are a biological parent, foster parent, adoptive parent, step parent, or grandparent, The Parent Coach Plan is perfect for those parents of any type that need assistance with regards to child behavior management. Improved behavior is certain to result from the high level of structure and consistency that the program brings.

If you are interested in learning more about how The Parent Coach Plan can help you then please click here.

About the Author
Chris Theisen, owner of Complete Parenting Solutions, has the tools you need to manage your teens challenging behavior.

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