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New Mexico Boarding Schools
Navajo Preparatory School
Navajo Preparatory School

Located in Farmington, New Mexico The only Navajo-sanctioned, college-preparatory school for Native Americans, Navajo Preparatory School recruits some of the best and brightest students of the Navajo Nation. Looking to the future, the school offers students a challenging, innovative curriculum in science, math, computers, and other traditional academic subjects. In harmony with the past, it steeps the youth in a deep appreciation of the Navajo Language, culture, and history.
San Cristobal Ranch Academy
San Cristobal Ranch Academy

Located in Taos, NM, San Cristobal Academy combines substance abuse and addiction treatment with intensive clinical support for dually diagnosed young adult men ages 17-26.

Our results driven, step-down methodology is industry recognized for its focus on helping young men develop the sober-living and life skills necessary to succeed as an independent adult.
New Mexico Military Institute
New Mexico Military Institute

New Mexico Military Institute is the nation's only State-supported, fully integrated nationally accredited co-educational college preparatory military boarding school for grades 9 - 12 and university parallel military junior college. Academic excellence, leadership and character development, and physical fitness are the focus of the NMMI experience.
New Mexico Treatment Centers
Villa Santa Maria
Villa Santa Maria

Villa Santa Maria is a residential community specializing in the clinical treatment of children and families of children who are suffering from attachment disorders. Nestled in the high desert of the Sandia Mountains, just fifteen minutes from Albuquerque, our serene campus is an ideal therapeutic setting.
Mesilla Valley Hospital
Mesilla Valley Hospital

A wide range of behavioral health care services are offered to Las Cruces, New Mexico. Mesilla Valley Hospital treats and serves adolescents and adults who are seeking treatment for behavioral health issues including:
*Suicidal behaviors
*Anxiety disorders
*Bipolar disorders
*Alcohol and drug dependency
*Adolescent behavioral problems
*Sexual, physical, and emotional abuse
*Psychosocial and severe psychosomatic problems


Teen Behavior Help

New Mexico State Directory of Teen & Family Support Hotlines

Boarding Schools in New Mexico

Residential Treatment Centers

1-800-432-2075 Adoption/Foster Care Hotline (NM Child, Youth, Family)
1-800-358-6493 The ARC of New Mexico (505/883-4630)
1-800-371-5525 Protection and Advocacy System (505/256-3100
1-800-524-5176 Parents Reaching Out (505/865-3700)
505/827-7590 Development Disabilities Planning Council (DDPC)
1-800-862-7271 Family Voices National Office
200/408-9514 National Assoc. of Protection & Advocacy
1-800-862-7271 Native American Protection and Advocacy Project (NAPAP)
505/827-6465 Governor's Committee on Concerns for the Handicapped (GCCH)
1-800-487-2282 Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA)
1-800-233-4050 Children & Adults with AD/HD (voice mail for info. packet)
1-847-432-2332 National A.D.D. Association
1-281-897-0982 A.D.D. Assoc. - Southern Region
505/880-1120 Attention Deficit & Learning Disorder Clinic - Albuquerque, NM
505/332-0306 New Mexico Autism Society or
1-800-270-1861 Southwest Autism Network (SWAN)
1-800-772-3804 Behavioral Health Services
505/827-2601 Behavioral Health Services (Dept. of Health) Santa Fe, NM
505/272-2890 Children's Psychiatric Hospital
505/272-9988 CYFD (Prevention & Intervention)
1-800-953-6745 NAMI - New Mexico
1-800-273-7232 Parents for Behaviorally Different Children (PBDC)
505/827-1630 NM Children Youth & Families (Adolescent Transition Group)
1-800-797-3260 NM CYFD - Report Abuse and Neglect
1-800-433-9016 American Academy of Pediatrics
1-800-422-4453 Child Help USA
1-800-USA-KIDS Missing Children Help Center
1-800-843-5678 National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
1-800-695-0285 National Info. Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
1-800-442-4673 Children's Rights Hotline
1-800-323-9474 Children's Wish Foundation
505/827-6462 Early Childhood Education for Children with Disabilities Ages 3-5
505/827-2578 NM Dept. of Health -Programs for Infants & Toddlers Ages Birth - 2
505/272-8549 or 1-800-552-8195 (Toll Free in NM) CDD Program Coordinator - Baby Net
(Information about medical services for pre-natal, infants, and toddlers)
1-800-662-HELP National Institute on Drugs
1-800-962-8963 Substance Abuse Helpline
1-800-227-2345 American Cancer Society
1-801-585-5659 American Council on Rural Special Education
1-888-CEC-SPED Council for Exceptional Children
614/292-4653 Eric Clearing House
505/827-6688 NM Dept. of Education - Chief State Officer
505/827-6512 NM Dept. of Education - Career Technical & Adult Services
505/827-1458 NM Director of Special Education - Denise Koscielniak
505/827-3506 NM Dept. of Ed. Special Ed., Director of Transition Services
505/827-6541 NM Dept. of Ed. Special Ed. - State Rural Agency Rural Representative
505/827-6672 Dept. of Education - State Dept. of Adult Education
505/827-6524 Dept. of Education - State GED Administration
505/827-6683 NM Dept. of Ed. - State Coordinator for No Child Left Behind
505/827-6512 NM Dept. of Ed. - State Coordinator for Voc. Ed. for Students with Disabilities
505/279-9777 NM Commission on Higher Education
505/827-6508 SDE Career Focused Student Learning System
1-800-472-3235 Carrie Tingley Children's Hospital - Albuquerque
505/255-2822 OR 1-800-551-5073 (Toll Free in NM) Consumer Coalition
505/260-0154 or 1-800-953-6745 NAMI-New Mexico
505/ 827-2601 State Mental Health Agency
505/260-0154 or 1-800-953-6745 Alliance for the Mentally Ill of NM
505/827-9988 State Mental Health Rep. For Children and Youth
505/883-4630 or 1-800-358-6493 The ARC of NM
505/827-2574 State Mental Retardation Program - DOH Long Term Services
NEW MEXIKIDS (Low Cost Health Insurance Coverage for Kids) 1-888-997-2583
505/247-0192 OR 1-800-524-5176 (Toll Free in NM) Parents Reaching Out
505/275-5433 (V/TTY) 1-800-841-6699 STEP*HIGH Parent/Child Program
505/867-3396 or 1-800-765-7320 (V/TTY Toll Free) Edu. For Parents of Indian Children with Special Needs
(EPICS) Project or
1-800-524-5176 Parent to Parent
505/881-0712 NM Congress of Parents and Teachers PTA
505/265-0430 or 1-800-273-7232 Parents for Behaviorally Different Children
505/262-0801 Alta Mira Specialized Family Services - The Fathers Meeting
1-800-432-6866 Poison Information Center
1-800-231-6946 Runaway Hotline
1-800-621-4000 Runaway Hotline National Switchboard
1-800-621-4000 Suicide Adolescent Hotline

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