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Teen Boarding Schools- Teen Help is Here

By Jake Richey

Boarding schools are independent, college preparatory schools that provide housing facilities for students and faculty. Boarding schools are sometimes referred to as "intentional communities" because the faculty and staff at boarding schools work very hard to create an environment for students that is safe, academically challenging, active, and fun.

Boarding schools are well known for their academic excellence in helping troubled teens. With small class sizes, diverse curricula, and individual attention from teachers and advisor's, the boarding school experience gives students many distinct advantages. Boarding school students acquire the abilities that help ensure success in college and in life.

During the academic year, boarding schools become extended families where teachers and students live and learn together. The 24-hour community of a boarding school environment allows the faculty to seize every teachable moment whether in the classroom, on the playing field, or in the dormitory.

While boarding schools differ among these broad types, they also differ in their philosophy and mission. Because no two boarding schools are alike, matching a student with an appropriate boarding school is a big step toward ensuring future success. Teen Options can help guide you through this difficult process.

There are many schools today that are labeled, "boarding schools for troubled teens." They all have a little different twist on helping a teen that may be defiant, skipping school, or just failing in school due to a lack of effort or concern. Some are long term programs and some just 2 week programs. The shorter programs do not usually have an academic component to them. Some of these are punitive in nature and punish the child for not making an appropriate choice and some are very lenient. There are many in the middle with enough structure and discipline to accomplish the goal of getting the teen back on the right track.

In order for a boarding school to be helpful for a troubled teen proper care must be taken to find the appropriate type of boarding school. Some parents have tried to send their child to a traditional boarding school when a specialty boarding school or a boot camp type school is really what they need. A boarding school for a troubled teen will need to be highly structured and closely supervised. There are many advantages of sending your child to a boarding school for a troubled teen.

The first advantage to sending your teen to a troubled teen boarding school is the 24 hour supervision that he or she will receive. Most parents will eventually be worn down when they try to monitor their troubled teen's behavior.

Usually the parents work all day to provide for their family. While the parents are away at work the teen is usually home sleeping until late in the day. When the parents are ready to go to bed the problem teen is now fully rested and ready for a night of partying. This will typically interrupt either or both of the parents sleep time. Over a period of time this begins to affect their performance at work. Parents dealing with a troubled teen for several years will in some cases lose their job. This is a result of trying to keep their child out of trouble, the principles office and the juvenile system.

The second advantage to a parent with a child in a boarding school for troubled teens is that the parents have the ability to focus on their work and re-group as a family. This allows them to be better equipped to deal with the difficulties of a troubled teen when the child returns home.

The third advantage to a boarding school for troubled teens comes because the teen is usually placed far enough away from home that they are out of their comfort zone. In many cases they are far away from home enough that the customs, people and daily schedule are different.

The fourth advantage of a boarding school for troubled teens is that the child is away from their peers who are usually more of a negative influence than a positive one. Some parents have tried to place their child in a special day school close to home. In a day school the student is placed in a highly structured school during the day and then return home at night. The drawback to this is that they get with their negative friends at night and much of the progress of the day is undone. That is why we suggest a boarding school.

About the Author

Jake Richey has helped many parents looking to get their teen on the right track. To learn more visit their website.http://www.teenoptions.com Call for a free evaluation 1-800-591-0115


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