Unprotected Sex and the Teenage Girl
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Teen Pregnancy

By: Celia Namart

Besides the stress of knowing that she is pregnant, there is also the fact that now she has another life to think of and care for. Girls that engage in unprotected sex often end up confused, lonely and in great need of guidance in coping with teenage pregnancy. This seems to hold true for almost 34% of all teenage girls in America who get pregnant before the age of 20.

Even more shocking is the situation in England where one out of every 5 births recorded is to a teenage girl. Since these statistics alone prove that these teenagers are lacking in knowledge and are participating in unprotected sex, there needs to be action taken, more of a community approach to providing proper knowledge to teenage girls about pregnancy prevention.

Even in this modern age, people are still embarrassed to talk to their children about sex and its consequences. While this is natural and difficult initially, in the long run it would be very help the teenager avoid making a serious mistake. Having an open-minded, educational talk will not only prevent your teenage child from getting pregnant, but might also eliminate the possibility of sex at too early an age. It will also educate your child about the various sexually transmitted diseases [HIV, aids, etc.] and make them more cautious about engaging in sexual activities. Your child will be a lot more aware of the consequences and will be prepared to take appropriate action.

There are various ways for women to avoid pregnancy, using contraceptives being one. Contraceptive birth control pills, This is the form of birth control method where "pills" are taken by girls to stop production of certain hormones that cause ovulation. While this is a useful technique, requiring the person to take a pill everyday to prevent ovulation, it does not eliminate the chances of getting infected or infecting someone else with a sexually transmitted disease.

While it may be portrayed socially and by the media that contraception completely eliminates the chances of pregnancy, it is not true. There is still a 3-5% chance of getting pregnant. So the best possible way to prevent teenage pregnancy is to practice abstinence. Abstinence means not having sex at all. By abstaining from sexual intercourse, many unwanted births will be prevented. This is the best way to avoid being infected by sexually transmitted diseases and possible infections in the vagina and uterus. While there is a good chance that their friends might pressure them into having sex, having the right knowledge and the courage to say no is all that matters.

Overall, the young people today are being bombarded by the television and advertisements everywhere on sexual issues, the natural feelings and the teenage drive many to make costly mistakes, what is needed is better understanding of the consequences of early pregnancy and the information about trying practicing safe sex. Since it is sometimes difficult to approach teenagers, the young people should make their own decisions out of the knowledge they have gained.

About the Author

Celia Nemart writes about family and medical issues on the internet, Celia is a dedicated mother that is aware of the dangers of the lack of information about Teen Pregnancy and pregnancy in young woman.


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